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The Tangerine

Middle Eastern Cookery

This breezy spot is located perfectly in the middle of Thao Dien, making it oh so convenient for a swift lunch salad or a dine-in dinner date. Sit outside on the beautiful patio, hidden away from the noise of the bikes and the rush of the commute. Relax in the shade and take a vacation for an hour or two. The food is not the only thing colourful; our space provides beautiful seating outdoors. Sitting in comfort, it is easy to take a deep breath and de-stress whilst you wait for your authentic, freshly crafted meal to be delivered to your table.

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Open Daily 

11.00AM – 10PM


39 Nguyễn Duy Hiệu
Thảo Điền, D2, HCM

Since 2020

Kebab is passion.

Despite all options available, Saigon had still failed to spice up our knowledgeable Head Chef’s life. Karim, of Egyptian and Turkish descent, knew exactly what the city lacked; authentic Middle Eastern cuisine that sticks true to the flavorsome food to transport him home. With a magical mix of spices and ingredients combined, The Tangerine set sail in Thao Dien in 2020, to bring the world and his home country to each and every person craving a little more culinary color in their life.


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The food

Authentic Middle-Eastern Cuisine

Our dream is delicious, and delicious is what we deliver. From a light lunch to a decadent dinner, every meal is crafted with care. No other place in the city can provide the true taste of the Middle East, or such a wide range of options. Wraps, Salads and Shawarma, all served with a medley of dips to create a tantalizing explosion of flavours! Traditional hummus, once thought a myth in Vietnam, arrives with a medley of spicy, garlicy and delectable dips to bring your tastebuds to the next level as we bring the authentic Middle East flavors to you on a platter.



Be quick on the draw as this will be devoured as soon as it hits the table! A Mediterranean crowd pleaser. C’mon, you might need two.”

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Chicken Shawarma

Chick this out because it is clucking delicious. This is one bird you will be giving more than a peck, and will definitely be coming back for more…

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Falafel Bowl

Falafel can never be a bad choice. Especially ours. Our herbs and spices mix is so incredible we have been put on Colonel Sanders’ hitlist, so get it whilst you can.

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39 Nguyễn Duy Hiệu
Thảo Điền, D2, HCMC